Colorcon and Dow extend controlled release alliance

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Colorcon and Dow have expanded a nine year controlled release alliance to include further solubility, coating and ion exchange platforms.

In 2007, chemical manufacturer Dow struck a deal with its long-term partner Colorcon to form an alliance offering a unified package for the development and production of drug ingredients and oral products using controlled release technologies.

And today the firms have extended the alliance effective from January 2017, adding four new modified release technologies to its client offerings.

“The Dow Colorcon relationship dates back many years,” Colorcon spokeswoman Deborah Taylor told this publication. “This cooperation began in Europe and Asia Pacific in the 1977 and then expanded into Latin America.

“The companies entered into an alliance relationship in 2007 through the CR Alliance for the worldwide distribution by Colorcon of Dow’s controlled release products.”

As such, some of the polymers have been extensively used for at least 30 years in modified release formulations, she added.

The alliance will now offer customers access to Dow’s Affinsol solubility enhancement technology used for formulating BCS Class II and Class IV compounds (high permeability, low solubility and low permeability, high solubility) via spray dry dispersion or hot melt extrusion.

Enteract polymers for enteric tablet coating will also be made available, as will Duolite and Amberlite powdered ion exchange resins used as formulation excipients.

The logistics of the alliance remain the same, Taylor said, with Dow’s speciality polymers being supplied using Colorcon’s “technical applications expertise” and global reach.

Colorcon’s CEO Martti Hedman added: “This new phase reaffirms the long-standing commitment between the two companies to grow together and leverage their respective strengths.

“With the addition of new technologies, we look forward to providing increased value for our pharmaceutical customers, strengthening our market leadership position, and continuing to be their supplier of choice.”

Correction: The original article stated the alliance had been extended for three years. Dow and Colorcon have not revealed the length of the contract.

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