AAPS 2013 in San Antonio

Almac launches 'unique' radiolabeling service for ADCs; names Pfizer client

Pfizer named client in Almac's first carbon-14 ADME study for ADCs

Almac says it is in a unique position to offer Carbon-14 ADME radiolabeling for the growing antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) market and has already performed the service on a Pfizer candidate.

Continuous manufacturing: US FDA want it, GEA are doing it

GEA: 'Start of the end' of batch manufacturing as firm teams with US FDA

Combining APIs in non-oral doses at AAPS

Non-oral FDCs are beneficial for patients and industry, say experts

Biosimilars: legal disputes predicted

What does clinically meaningful mean? US lawyer predicts biosimilar battles

Bend at AAPS speaking spray dry dispersion

Spray drying often most applicable in bioavailability challenge, says Bend

"Like I said, it's complicated" drugs and food discussed

"Like I said, it's complicated" drug-food interactions discussed at AAPS

Drug industry heads to Texas for AAPS

Drug industry heads to Texas for AAPS

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