AAPS 2014 San Diego

German CMO looks to grow US biz through rise in SMEs and virtual pharma

Rottendorf is looking to grow its share of US clients

Rottendorf is looking to break from being “the best kept secret in the CMO world” by targeting the thousands of virtual and SME pharma firms in the US, according to its CEO.

EMD Millipore's talks downstream and single-use

Industry onboard with single-use but still 'chroma-phobic,' says EMD Millipore

Continuous manufacturing can go anywhere in the world by boat or helicopter, says Pfizer's expert

Pfizer hails portable manufacturing as latest in lean

The opening up of biological targets has created a formulation "Wild West", says Xceleron's CEO.

Demand for early formulation work to tackle drug target ‘Wild West’

University of Texas has spent seven years developing a nasal spray vaccine against Ebola

Ebola nasal vaccine under threat as funding runs dry

Microneedle array - photo credit Gary Meek, Georgia Tech

Microneedles feasible peptide delivery tech, says Merck Director

Extractables & leachables a barrier to single-use tech adoption says China's Wuxi Apptech

Extractables & leachables the biggest barrier to SU adoption, says WuXi

Ebola response training at the Military Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. (Picture: Army Medicine)

GSK ‘moves best people’ to keep Ebola vaccine manufacture in-house

Protective equipment for health workers in Guinea. (Picture: EC/ECHO/Jean-Louis Mosser)

BARDA: Ebola is “a bioterrorism threat”

Capsugel says it helped save one CMO $950,000 due to correct encapsulation equipment

Encapsulating the problem? Machinery could save drugmakers up to $1m, says Capsugel

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