Achema 2012 in Frankfurt

‘Just add water’ for ease of cleaning HP production tech, says Bosch

HP production: add water before cleaning says Bosch

‘Just add water’ as a preparation for cleaning the stand-in-place tech used to produce HP compounds, says Bosh’s Johannes Rauschnabel.

Single use tech for biopharma: Pall and Thermo Fisher

The quest for more understanding is behind the single use boom: Pall and Thermo Fisher

The new KKX3900 at Achema

Bosch plans to upscale its new X-ray capsule QC tech

Biomanufacturing: filtration tech from Sartorius Stedim

New filtration tech boosts biomanufacturing yields, says Sartorius

Drug delivery via the skin: a saviour?

Is drug delivery by skin the solution to bioavailability woes? report from Achema

UPDATE: Last leg of Achema

Achema 2012: Safety, efficiency and single-use technology

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