ATMI: Single-Use Could Replace Multi-Use, as Potency Increases

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Single-use is set to dominate biopharma processing as products become more potent resulting in smaller volumes, according to ATMI.

In-Pharmatechnologist.com spoke with Eric Isberg, Global Product Manager at ATMI, about the company’s single-use technology and the future for the industry at this year’s Interphex in New York.

Regarding uptake of single-use systems, Isberg told us ATMI is “relying on the industry itself to change the way they are producing their product in order to adapt to single-use systems.”

He continued: “Why the multi-use system still exists is a volume dependent argument so customers need large volumes to be able to produce large volumes of products.

“But products are becoming more potent, more concentrated and because of that they are able to process in lower volumes. And when they get to that certain point, single-use systems will be a much better system for operating than a multi system.”

Amongst the products ATMI were showcasing at this year’s show were the ‘Mix and Ship’ system for intermediate bulk product – enabling customers to ship products between sites – and the SmartMixer, a fully integrated mixing process, to measure pH, conductivity and temperature.

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