Thermo Fisher: Single-Use Tech's Evolution and Increased Industry Use

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Over the last decade single-use technologies have moved into manufacturing scales and are increasingly being deployed worldwide, according to Thermo Fisher Scientific.

In-Pharmatechnologist.com caught up with Thermo Fisher at this year’s Interphex in New York City. The company, along with showcasing its new Aegis 514 film, spoke with us about the evolution of single-use technology in upstreaming processing.

“Over the last 3-5 years bioreactors have moved into manufacturing scales,” said Director of Global Marketing, Cell Culture and Bioprocessing, Brandon Pence. “Improvements in single-use technology with improvements in media design now makes a 2,000l single-use bioreactor the equivalent of a 10,000l traditional bioreactor a decade ago.”

VP and General Manager of the unit, Cory Stevenson, also spoke of how Thermo Fisher’s Aegis 514 was an evolution of the company’s CX514 film – released ten years ago and the industry’s first animal component free film dedicated to bioprocessing applications.

Future Stance and Life Technologies

Stevenson told us the company is “uniquely positioned with a number of different solutions” and services for its customers in biopharma production in the next year, including analytics, clinical testing and cell-banking services.

One area not discussed was Thermo Fisher’s $13.6bn purchase of Life Technologies last month.

Discussing Q1 2013 results, Marc Casper, Thermo Fisher’s CEO, said the acquisition will push the company to become an “unrivaled leader,” establishing technology and innovation leadership across key life sciences markets.

The transaction will be completed in early 2014.

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