Google's next target is multiple sclerosis.

Google picks Biogen Idec MS project for research partnership

29-Jan-2015 - Google and Biogen Idec are teaming up to crack multiple sclerosis, the latest crossover between pharma and the wearables world.

Novartis has reduced its network by 24 plants since 2010

Novartis: New cost-saving unit will not target manufacturing network

29-Jan-2015 - Novartis has divested, restructured, or mothballed 24 manufacturing plants since 2010 but says its new NBS cost-saving business will not focus on streamlining and consolidating sites.

Indian Patent Office

Provectus seeking Indian PV-10 API patent and says it is “more than a match” for skin cancer competitors

29-Jan-2015 - Provectus Biopharmacetuicals is seeking an Indian patent and partner for PV-10 and says it is 'more than a match' for skin cancer competitors like Merck & Co and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Johnson Matthey sees anti-addiction APIs grown in Q3

Johnson Matthey posts higher Q3 API profits; Pfizer patent spat continues

28-Jan-2015 - Johnson Matthey saw demand for ADHD APIs increase in the third quarter, while sales of its pain management ingredients and bulk opiates declined.

Provectus gets PV-10 API patent in China, on the hunt for local partners

China patent gives Provectus green light to find partner for melanoma candidate, PV-10

27-Jan-2015 - China has told Provectus Biopharmaceuticals it will grant a patent for the method used to make the API in its skin cancer drug candidate, PV-10.

Pfizer may continue pursuing M&As or break up its businesses (Image: Ben Frost)

Pfizer considers splitting company or going after M&A

27-Jan-2015 - Pfizer says it is considering breaking up the company in 2015, or alternatively continuing its pursuit of a major acquisition.

What will be the first Ebola vaccine to gain approval?

Ebola: which are the leading vaccine candidates?

27-Jan-2015 -'s interactive guide to the world's most promising Ebola vaccines.

Hospira has issued a recall after a human hair was found in a unit of sodium chloride injection

Hospira 'committed to quality' as total recall count hits 40 since 2012

27-Jan-2015 - A human hair found in a vial of Sodium Chloride Injection has led to the fortieth recall in three years for Hospira.

Catalent boosts services at Eberbach, Germany site

Catalent to offer integrated services in Germany through softgel expansion

27-Jan-2015 - A coating and packaging expansion at a facility in Germany will feed the demand for end-to-end softgel services, Catalent Pharma Solutions says.

Diclegis treats morning sickness in pregnant women.

Halal and Kosher stamps of approval for pregnancy drug

26-Jan-2015 - A morning sickness drug made by Duchesnay USA will now display Halal and Kosher symbols – a move the company said is the first case of Kosher certification for an oral prescription drug in the US.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren is proposing legislation that would see Big Pharma's wrongdoings reinvested in NIH R&D

US Senator proposes NIH to be funded through Big Pharma ‘swear jar’

26-Jan-2015 - Pharma firms that break the law could be fined one percent of their blockbuster drug revenues if proposed US legislation is introduced.

Second man receives sentence for smuggling counterfeit drugs

30 months for smuggler of Roche cancer drugs which lacked API

26-Jan-2015 - A second man has received a prison sentence after counterfeit vials of a Roche cancer drug containing no API were seized in 2012.

CEOs found for BSM and Repligen

CEOs found for BSM and Repligen

26-Jan-2015 -

The Parthenon in Athens, Greece

Syrzia win may land pharma with more Greek debts, analyst

26-Jan-2015 - Syriza's election victory may prompt drugmakers already burdened with unpaid Greek bills to rethink their presence in the country according to one analyst.  

BASF to introduce PVP manufacturing capabilities at its facility in Shanghai, China

BASF to take on Asian PVP producers and target generics firms with new capacity in China

23-Jan-2015 - BASF will spend €56m ($62m) to increase production capacity for the excipient PVP by expanding existing plants and introducing manufacturing capabilities at its facility in Shanghai, China.

General wellness wearables discussed in new US FDA draft guidance

FDA's wearables guidance could slow pharma adoption in short-term, says analyst

22-Jan-2015 - Draft guidance distinguishing wearable medical devices from ‘general wellness’ devices could slow pharma’s adoption of such data in the short-term, according to an analyst.

Davos hosts the World Economic Forum this week

Antibiotics "a terrible business model" for Pharmas expert tells Davos

22-Jan-2015 - Drug industry execs at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland were told they are no longer best placed to develop antibiotics by a panel who said Governments should lead efforts to create these vital new drugs.

Barack Obama gives his 2015 State of the Union Address (Image: White House)

State of the Union: Obama’s fast-track trade plans divide pharma

22-Jan-2015 - President Obama in his State of the Union address has called for the power to personally make stronger trade agreements – bringing divisive EU deal TTIP closer to adoption and angering campaigners for drugs access.

$5m holding fee will lead to two Unilife systems being used exclusively for AbbVie's autoimmune therapies

Pharma turning to injectable systems to protect biologics, says Unilife

22-Jan-2015 - Big Pharma firms like AbbVie are partnering with delivery device makers to guard against biosimilar competition according to Unilife CEO,  Alan Shortall.

Lonza saw growth from its biopharma business in 2014

Lonza benefits from outsourcing growth as Swiss franc fluctuations stall 2015 projections

22-Jan-2015 - Biopharma outsourcing growth has helped to boost the bottom line of Lonza, the world’s largest manufacturer of drug ingredients, though a topsy-turvy Swiss franc has caused the company to hold off on making any projections for 2015.